CLASSES AT TEMPLE BETH TORAH (Tuesday Evenings at 7PM @ 7620 Foothill Road,
Ventura, California

"Children of Abraham:  Comparing and Contrasting Judaism, Christianity and Islam"
on 10/
17, 10/27 & 11/7/17
About half the people of the world worship the God of Abraham as members of faith traditions that
trace themselves back 4000 years to this inspired individual.  In these three classes, Rabbi Lotker
will provide an introduction to these three faiths with special emphasis on where they are similar
and where they differ.  We will read texts from the Hebrew Bible, the Christian Scripture and the
Koran relating to the Garden of Eden, Abraham, Moses and others to help understand the
fascinating history and theology that shape our worlds to this day.

"What Happens After I Die? – Jewish Views of the Afterlife" on 1/9, 1/16 & 1/23/18
Many Jews are surprised to learn that Judaism has always held that there is something beyond the
grave – a life in the “world to come.”  We just don’t know (or teach) the details because no one has
come back to tell us and because Judaism’s focus is on this life.   In this class, we will explore the
wide range of authentic Jewish beliefs about the afterlife and how these beliefs have affected
Jewish traditions of burial and mourning.  In our sessions we will examine what the Bible has to say,
the Rabbinic and Talmudic thoughts and commentaries, the amazing world of medieval
commentary, mystical and kabbalistic insights and well as what modern thinkers contribute.  We will
also explore the world of Jewish funeral and mourning customs and their origins.

“Mamzers and Mashiach:  Illicit Sexual Encounters in the Bible.”  on 3/6 and 3/13/17
We will be carefully reading some of the most interesting and unusual stories in the Hebrew Bible -
ones that you never, ever studied in Hebrew School.  A careful review of the lineage of King David
and the Messiah and what it teaches us about your family and mine and the ultimate task of

Rabbi Michael Lotker may be coming to a classroom or lecture
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REGULAR PROGRAMS - sponsored by the Jewish Federation of
Ventura County
The third Tuesday of each month it's TORAH STUDY IN LEISURE
VILLAGE.  The Location is Rabbi Lotker's home, the time is 10AM
and the class is for an hour.  Please contact Rabbi Lotker to be
added to the mailing list for this program.

The last Friday of each month is a program for Seniors at the
Ventura Townehouse [at 2:15PM].

SPECIAL PROGRAMS - sponsored by the Jewish Federation of
Ventura County

Join Rabbi Lotker for an extensive class in Jewish Literacy in two
  • A three session overview called "A Taste of Judaism"
  • Followed by 15 weeks of more detailed study.
Classes will take place Tuesday evenings starting Sept. 6, 2017 at
the Jewish Community of Ojai beginning at 7PM each night.

Rabbi Lotker's Classes and Talks