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What Happens After I Die? – Jewish Views of the Afterlife
An On-Line Class to be Led by Rabbi Michael Lotker

Many Jews are surprised to learn that Judaism has always held that there is something beyond the grave
– a life in the “world to come.”  We just don’t know (or teach) the details because no one has come back
to tell us and because Judaism’s focus is on this life rather than the life in the hereafter.   In this class, we
will explore the wide range of authentic Jewish beliefs about the afterlife and how these beliefs have
affected Jewish traditions of burial and mourning.  In our sessions we will examine what the Bible has to
say, the Rabbinic and Talmudic thoughts and commentaries, the amazing world of medieval commentary,
mystical and Kabbalistic insights and well as what modern thinkers contribute.  We will also explore
Jewish funeral and mourning customs and their origins and even address the world of near death
experiences and the possibility of communication between this world and the next.

Although this class is over, you can still view the sessions via the links below:
>  Session 1: Biblical and Rabbinic Teachings
>  Session 2: The Soul and Kabbalah
>  Session 3:  Communication Between Worlds, Near-Death Experiences & Jewish Mourning Practices


REGULAR PROGRAMS - sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Ventura County

The last Friday of each month is a program for Seniors at the Ventura Townehouse [at 2:15PM].


(Wednesday Evenings at 7PM @ 2420 E. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks CA)

A Taste of Judaism & Jewish Literacy

The three-part Taste of Judaism class, designed to introduce the main tenets of Judaism, will be
followed by a 15-week Jewish Literacy class.  This “Taste” class will be offered twice – in April & May and
in September of 2019.  These classes are ideal for Jews, for their spouses, for those who are exploring
conversion, and those who simply wish to broaden their knowledge about the fundamentals of Judaism’s
extraordinary history, beliefs and faith.  The 15 classes of Jewish Literacy touch on most of the areas of
concern and interest to adults who wish to explore the holidays, sacred literature, history, spirituality,
mysticism, and living a full Jewish life.  This class is required for conversion candidates.  

Tuition:  To be determined.

This program is made possible by Temple Adat Elohim  For more information or to reserve your seat,

click here

All classes are on Wednesdays, 7-8:30 p.m., 4/24/19-5/8/19 & 9/11/19-2/19/20

A Taste of Judaism (3 session overview of the entire subject—no charge for this component of the class

4/24/19 & 9/11   A Taste of Judaism—God (Jewish views of God, spirituality etc.)
5/1 & 9/18   A Taste of Judaism—Torah (Jewish sacred texts, Jewish way of life)
5/8 & 9/25   A Taste of Judaism—Israel (the land, people, and modern state)

Sacred Time
10/23/19    The Hebrew Calendar, cycle of holidays and Shabbat
10/30      The High Holy Days
11/6       Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot

Sacred Literature
11/13   Bible
11/20  The Mishna & Talmud
12/4  Midrash, Halacha, Jewish legal codes and issues
12/11 Jewish mysticism:  Kabbalah & Zohar
12/18   The Prayerbook

Jewish History
1/8/20  All of Jewish history in 90 minutes
1/15 Judaism and Christianity—the parting of the ways
1/22 The 20th century (Zionism, anti-semitism and the Holocaust)

Living a Jewish Life
1/29   Temple and Synagogue:  Home and kashrut
2/5 Life Cycle:  Brit milah, b’nai mitzvah, marriage (and inter-marriage), divorce, funerals
2/12 Jewish community:  Conversion, movements, synagogue life, etc.
2/19   What does Judaism say about sexuality and ??? (students select topics)                                

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