About Rabbi Michael Lotker
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>  Speech at Families Belong Together Rally [video] - June 30, 2018

2018 Sermons:
>  Painful Questions - Difficult Answers
>  What Does Judaism Say About Pain and Suffering
>  What I've Learned Being a Rabbi

2017 Sermons:
>  Acts of God: God's Role in Natural Disasters
>  It's Awesome:  Science, Religion and Belief in God
>  Hate Speech and Antisemitism
>  Jewish Literacy

Older Sermons
What Do We Know About God?  
>  The Essence of Judaism
>  Why Be Jewish?
>  Mysticism Demystified
>  Gratitude:  The Secret to Happiness
>  Unintended Consequences of Having Children
>  Oy Vey  A Jewish Response to Current Events in 2014
>  What I'm Learning About Life From Funerals
>  What Good is God?
>  Life, Golf, and Judaism
>  What Good is Religion?
>  What Good is Prayer?
>  Digging Deeply Into Repentance/Teshuvah
> What I Love About Being Jewish
> Jewish Values and the Election
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