"My dad and I would like to thank you for the beautiful eulogy you delivered for my mom.  Even
though you had never met her, what you wrote and said captured her spirit and personality perfectly.  
The time you spent with us getting to know her was so valuable to us.  I have heard from many
friends and family members not only how much the appreciated you words about my mom, but also
about the story behind some of the Jewish customs."

"People loved the service that you did for my Mom on Monday and are still talking about it. You really
helped a horrible day be a little sweeter. Thanks again for a job well done."  

"I wanted to thank you on behalf of my family for your service and support around the loss of my
grandmother. You led a very sweet service and my mom especially wanted to thank you for helping
her find completion with the death of her mother.  What you provided in 30 min is an essential part of
a lifetime of healing. Thanks for creating a space of trust, openness, love and acknowledgement. My
mom is lighter now and my grandmother can truly be remembered as a Woman of Valor!"

"The funeral service you performed for Esther was exceptional.  Everything you said, the way you
explained things, and everything you did had so much meaning tome and my family.  I found it to be
inclusive to all faiths and belief systems.  I received so many positive remarks from both non-Jewish
guests that never attended a Jewish event and Jewish guests alike.  They could not stop talking
about how inspirational and instructional the funeral service was.  You did a lovely job and for that
we are eternally grateful.  I always knew you were special because my sister told me you were, but I
know now first hand that you are because you gave me and my family "calm" during some of our
worst days.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God bless you always."

"Thank you so much, first, arriving at our home at a moment's notice, second, performing a warm
wonderful service for my father."

"I thank you for the wonderful job you did. It seemed you knew our family well. I had comments from
the attendees telling us how much they appreciated your eulogy and that they learned things
previously unknown as did I.  Thank you for everything. I can't tell you how you made the darkest day
of my life a little brighter."

"My children and I want to thank you for how well you directed and led Steve's funeral yesterday.  
You are an outstanding, intelligent communicator of ideas and messages with an amazing blended
yin yang style of science, knowledge and spirituality.   You are by far the most impressive Rabbi I
have ever experienced due to how you carry and convey all the wisdom of your history.  You brought
a lot of comfort to us on a truly difficult day.   What I found particularly soothing is how you made the
day about the highest good of all concerned! The messages that you conveyed about how
communication with
Steve can go on and continue were profound & much appreciated."

"It was a blessing meeting you.  Thank you so very much for your heartfelt words of inspiration,
prayer, and thought in guiding the funeral and graveside services for our dearly departed Adrienne.  
We truly appreciate the compassion and conviction with which you conducted her ceremony.  Your
eloquence and humanity truly honored her memory.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Life Cycle Events
Rabbi Lotker is here to support you and your family in times of joy and
sadness.  Call upon him for baby namings and anniversaries as well as for
counseling during difficult times, in times of illness and in planning for and
conducting funerals.  He is very flexible in supporting your family regarding
cremations and other unorthodox ceremonies.  Below are some notes that he
received in thanks for his support at funerals.