"Rabbi Michael Lotker has given us a gift.  A Christian's Guide to Judaism (finally) makes Judaism transparent.  In an
easy, kitchen-table, friend-of-the-family voice, Lotker systematically guides the reader through all the topics
necessary for a serious introduction to Judaism.  In a style that is lucid, personal and candid, the reader is effectively
given permission to travel anywhere throughout Judaism."                                                        
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner -- The Emanu-El Scholar in residence at Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco. He is
the author of numerous books on mysticism and spirituality.

"Rabbi Lotker has written an important, empathetic book explaining essential aspects of Judaism in ways that will
make sense to Christian readers.  As Michael has done in person for much of his life, his book engages Christians
in a consideration of Jewish ideas and practices that will resonate with their own ideas and practice, give them
guidelines for conversations about our differences, and help readers participate sensitively as guests at Jewish
religious occasions.  This book will help ease tensions arising from visits to Jewish homes and celebrations and
turn each visit into both a great learning experience and an opportunity for enhanced mutual understanding.  Your
friends will be glad you read it."
Rabbi Richard N. Levy, Director, School of Rabbinic Studies, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion,
Los Angeles Campus.